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Maldives laments losing air traffic controllers

Mohamed Visham
20 October 2016, MVT 16:41
Air Traffic Controllers pictured at the control tower in Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. MIHAARU PHOTO/AMINATH SHIFLEEN
Mohamed Visham
20 October 2016, MVT 16:41

Maldives has witnessed an increasing amount of air traffic controllers leaving the country to take jobs abroad, the local ATC association lamented Thursday.

Speaking during a ceremony to mark the international air traffic controllers day, local ATC association president Ahmed Saeed said it takes a lot of effort to train and educate controllers.

But many locals are now leaving the country to take high paying jobs abroad, Saeed said.

Maldives aviation presently boasts around 100 highly trained staff.

"Even though its a long and difficult task to replace them, I guess we should be proud that more established countries are willing to take our controllers," Saeed added.

Maldivian air traffic controllers are usually lured by middle eastern countries such as Qatar and Dubai.