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Adhaalath Party demands actions over MDN report

Mariyam Malsa
06 October 2019, MVT 15:32
A press conference held by Adhaalath Party. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Mariyam Malsa
06 October 2019, MVT 15:32

Adhaalath Party, on Saturday, issued a statement expressing the neccesity of investigating Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN)'s report and charging culpable individuals.

Released in 2016, 'Preliminary Assesment of Radicalisation in Maldives' criticized the Maldivian education system, claiming that the rhetoric of certain textbooks encouraged extremism and highlighted certain passages from the Quran.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs also stated that MDN's report contained written accounts which contradicted the tenents of Islam and handed the matter over to the police, who have launched an investigation.

Adhaalath Party condemned MDN's report, stating that it derided the Islamic religion, which it described as the basis of independence and internal stability in Maldives.

Asserting that MDN's report violated the Religious Unity Act and the Regulation on Associations, Adhaalath Party expressed that no organization should be permitted to express anti-religious sentiments.

Furthermore, the party highlighted widespread public concern and stated that relevant government institutions should take swift action.

The ruling coalition party also expressed concern regarding references to intel from security forces within MDN's report. Adhaalath stated that it was necessary to investigate how an NGO acquired intelligence information and that the matter was a national security concern.

The party also stated that MDN's compiltaion of a report that encouraged hatred without conducting sufficient research, in the absence of instructions from any government institutions, was also a cause for investigation.

Adhaalath Party called on the public to refrain from issuing warnings to particular individuals and organizations.