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Islanders Education launches IIAS with Finnish university

Shahudha Mohamed
21 September 2019, MVT 09:05
Islanders Education launches Islanders Institute of Applied Science (IIAS), offering courses in partnership with a prestigious Finnish university. PHOTO: ISLANDERS EDUCATION
Shahudha Mohamed
21 September 2019, MVT 09:05

Islanders Education, on Thursday, launched Islanders Institute of Applied Science (IIAS), marking the company’s official entry into higher education.

The announcement was made at the Fifth Annual Enovate Symposium in the attendance of over 300 teachers from eight schools operating under Islanders Education.

IIAS was launched in partnership with Jyvaskyla University of Applied Sciences (JAMK).

JAMK's School of Professional Teacher Education is a highly esteemed professional pedagogy expert and a sought-after partner in the development of education and guidance. Nearly 400 students graduate from the university's post-degree programmes in Finland every year.

Furthermore, over 2000 professionals participate in JAMK's professional training courses annually.

"The opportunity to get a certificate from such prestigious universities in Finland is an unprecedented opportunity for our teachers", said Executive Director of Islanders Education Ahmed Adhly Rasheed.

"We look forward to seeing the positive impact this initiative will bring to the future of the teaching profession in this country".

Speaking at the launching event, Adhly highlighted the issue in the abundance of easy, fast and cheap courses which does not hold much value when graduates go for employment.

"We urge students who wish to study not to go down that path because that is a losing game for both the graduate and their future employer", he said, advising students to invest in quality education in order to become a valuable person capable of demanding higher pay in the industry.

IIAS’s partnered with the Finnish University aiming to produce world-class teachers in the Maldives by offering higher education certifications from Finland.

Courses offered by IIAS will be taught by Finnish lecturers from the university and include ongoing practicum during the study period at the Finland International School in Maldives.

IIAS will kick-off with a Professional Diploma level course on 21st-century pedagogy in 2019, and will continue to add more courses in the future.

IIAS will announce deadlines for the intake, fees and other details related to the courses on offer in coming months.

In addition, the institute is working to arrange scholarships for diploma course graduates to study for their Bachelors and Masters degrees.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences is an international higher education institution with expertise in 8 different fields of study. More than 8500 students from over 70 countries are currently studying at JAMK.