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Utheemu to host World Clean Up Day event

Mariyam Malsa
16 September 2019, MVT 16:11
Let's do it Maldives will organize the main clean-up event for World Clean Up Day on September 21 in Ukulhas. PHOTO: LET'S DO THIS MALDIVES
Mariyam Malsa
16 September 2019, MVT 16:11

Let's do it Maldives will host the main event for World Clean Up Day in Utheemu, Haa Alif Atoll on September 21.

The local branch of Let's do it World (LDIW) will also organise smaller cleanup events across the country.

The NGO aims to work towards a trash-free Maldives, find sustainable ways to reduce waste and create awareness on proper disposal methods.

Lets do it Maldives organises cleanups, creates awareness and hosts forums to mobilize like-minded people to tackle the country's waste management issues.

On World Cleanup Day 2018, marked on 15 September, Let's do it Maldives partnered with numerous companies, resorts, volunteer groups, organizations and NGO’s throughout Maldives, uniting over 15000 participants.

Overall, a total of 8 million people from 157 countries participated in World Cleanup Day 2018 which is considered the largest waste collection event in civic history.

Accredited by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), LDIW is a global civic movement which mobilizes people to join local, national and regional clean-up events across the world. Among other projects, it is the founder of World Cleanup Day. World Cleanup Day is the largest event organised by LDIW.

The movement, which originated in Estonia during 2008, has grown into a network of 113 countries. A total of 14 million people have participated in the movement's activities.

The worldwide event is conducted through the designation of team leaders tasked with overseeing efforts for World Cleanup Day in their respective countries.

An International Steering Committee operates alongside the country teams, ensuring that the views and goals of the local teams are in accordance with LDIW. The network of country teams is also supported by six core teams and six support teams based in Tallinn, Estonia.