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'Blinkers Off' for local artist Araakaa

Shahudha Mohamed
14 September 2019, MVT 22:07
'Blinkers Off', the book by local artist Ikram Abdulla containing artwork from his ink and charcoal series including those displayed in the ongoing exhibition at Avahtehi Gallery. PHOTO: AVAHTEHI GALLERY
Shahudha Mohamed
14 September 2019, MVT 22:07

Solo art exhibit 'Blinkers Off' was unveiled by Mohamed Ikram, popularly known as Araakaa, on Friday.

'Blinkers Off', held at Avahtehi Gallery in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale', features a total of 44 charcoal and ink works from a series created by the artist between December 2017 to October 2018.

"Translating my thoughts to paper, I think of my process as an automatic transmission. Like electric readings taken with ink and charcoal", the artist stated about the particular series.

"[It's] a process I've come to learn cannot be recreated", he added.

Speaking about his art, Ikram emphasised that he aims to elicit an organic response from the viewer by attempting to eliminate his influence on their perception of his work.

Ikram wishes for the viewers to deduce their personal interpretation of his work instead of regarding the art in the artist's perspective.

In addition, signed copies of Ikram's book 'Blinkers Off', containing a selection of artworks from the series including those displayed at the gallery, are available at Avahtehi Gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

Interested parties can purchase the limited edition book for a price of MVR 1500, while the price of original artworks start at MVR 3500.

The exhibition will be open every day from 1600 to 2200 hrs until September 26.