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Court grants MVR 2 million as compensation for 2 Kulhudhuffushi plots

Nafaahath Ibrahim
04 September 2019, MVT 12:06
Nafaahath Ibrahim
04 September 2019, MVT 12:06

MVR 2 million was sent to Kulhudhuffushi Magistrate Court on Tuesday as compensation for two plots of land taken from locals for the Kulhudhuffushi Airport project.

Supplementing the development of the airport in Kulhudhuffushi, the project reclaimed six hectares of the island's lagoon as well as nine hectares of its mangrove lake. The project was extended due to the development of the airport's runway which required the demolishing of 18 houses overlapping the area.

Initially, Director General of Regional Airports, Sami Agil, stated that arrangements were made to compensate those 18 houses.

However, disagreement raised by some owners over the finalized amounts of compensation resulted in the amount being increased by 25 percent.

Following this, 16 houses have been compensated and demolished subsequently.

At that time Sami Agil did not disclose the total amount paid and only assured that the remaining two houses would also be paid with substantial sums of money.

The two house owners went to High Court on October 2018 as they were dissatisfied with the compensation amounts. The President of Kulhudhuffushi Island Council, Abdul Latheef Hassan confirmed the above in September 2018.

After reviewing the case, the High Court ruled that the compensation for Ali Ismail, the owner of Daisyvilla house and Moosa Hassan, the owner of Kulavaruge house was not just compensation. The High Court then sent the case back to Kulhudhuffushi Magistrate.

The amount initially decided in compensation for Daisyvilla was MVR 850,000 and for MVR 650,000 for Kulavaruge.

The Magistrate Court re-evaluated the case and ruled on August 8 to grant Ali Ismail MVR 1.1 million and Moosa Hassan MVR 950,000.

Speaking to local media Mihaaru, Ali Ismail said that he is not entirely satisfied with the new amount, adding that however, he does not wish to further appeal the case as the process takes too long.

Mihaaru also reported that Kulhuduffushi Magistrate Court stated that the money will be handed over to the respective parties on Tuesday.