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JSC to submit report on top court to parliament

Fathmath Shaahunaz
22 August 2019, MVT 11:10
Supreme Court Judge Abdulla Didi Public Trial jSC judicial service committee hisaan hussain
Fathmath Shaahunaz
22 August 2019, MVT 11:10

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) decided Wednesday to submit its report on the probe conducted into whether the Supreme Court had interfered in matters of other institutions, to the parliament.

JSC formed a committee to look into whether the apex court had interfered in the jurisdictions of the commission, parliament and other institutions. JSC stated Wednesday that it will submit the committee's report to the parliament after approval.

However, JSC did not disclose the committee's conclusions of the probe.

Meanwhile, the commission is also currently looking into cases lodged against Chief Justice Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi, and judges Abdulla Areef and Adam Mohamed of the top court.

JSC further refuted an order released by the Supreme Court to stay the suspension of Judge Abdulla Didi.