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Criminal Court orders 15-day remand to probe ex-Vice President

Raif Amyl Jalyl
05 August 2019, MVT 20:43
Ahmed Adeeb-Ahmed Adheeb-Police
Raif Amyl Jalyl
05 August 2019, MVT 20:43

Criminal Court on Monday granted a remand period of 15 days for former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb.

The warrant for Adeeb's arrest was issued early Monday and the arrest subsequently took place at approximately 0530 hours.

In addition to violating the Supreme Court imposed travel ban, Adeeb faces charges over having fled the country after signing a confession and agreeing to testify in court regarding Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC)'s MVR 1.3 billion graft scandal.

Indian authorities intercepted the former vice president on August 1 near the coast of Tuticorin Port, Thoothukudi, while posing as a crew member aboard the Singapore-flagged tugboat Virgo 9.

The Indian Coastguard escorted Virgo 9 aboard which Adeeb attempted to flee on July 27, to the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) during the early hours of last Saturday and transferred him to the Maldives Coast Guard.

Following the successful extradition on late Sunday, Adeeb was brought to Maldives Police Service Headquarters upon arrival and then taken to Criminal Court for an extension on his remand.

Based on Police accounts, the court moved against the detention and freed Adeeb on grounds that his initial arrest occurred in international waters outside the jurisdiction of Maldivian law.

However, the Criminal Court issued a warrant for Adeeb's arrest early Monday and was subsequently arrested at approximately 0530 hours and transferred him to Dhoonidhoo Prison.

Although all charges against Adeeb were dropped prior to the escape attempt, clearing him from serving a jail sentence of 33 years, the state had appealed the major MMPRC graft scandal case against him at the Supreme Court.

While the state requested the detention of Adeeb until his trial concludes, the Supreme Court only issued a travel ban and to withhold his passport.

According to the former vice president, he violated the travel ban and attempted to flee the country under duress as he received threats over his acquiescing to testify in court over the MMPRC embezzlement case. He further alleged that the Prosecutor General's Office had violated the terms of the agreement he signed in order to comply with the investigation.

Confessing that his decision to flee the country was wrong, Adeeb stated it was made under duress by threats he received.