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JSC suspends Chief Magistrate Hassan

Mariyam Malsa
30 July 2019, MVT 14:20
Members of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC). PHOTO: NISHAN ALI/MIHAARU
Mariyam Malsa
30 July 2019, MVT 14:20

Judicial Service Commission (JSC), on Monday, decided to suspend the Chief Magistrate Hassan Didi of the Kanduhulhudhoo Court in Ghaaf Alifu Atoll.

The statement released by the judicial watchdog disclosed that the magistrate was suspended until the conclusion of a case concerning him.

In addition to the suspension, JSC also decided to remove Magistrate Hussain Rasheed from his temporary position in the Hulhumale Magistrate Court and relocate him to his original position in Fuvahmulah Magistrate Court, effective from August 7.

JSC attributed the decision to the lack of progress in attaining the objective for which Magistrate Rasheed was transferred to Hulhumale'.

Furthermore, JSC finalised the decision to forward the report it compiled on Criminal Court cases that have remained unsolved for long periods of time to relevant government institutions. The report, compiled as part of JSC's efforts to ascertain reasons behind delays in solving cases, will be sent to the Parliament, independent institutions, enforcement authorities and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

JSC recently ordered the suspension of several judges including Supreme Court Judge Abdulla Didi, Family Court Chief Justice Hassan Saeed and certain magistrates. The judiciary watchdog is currently conducting investigations into several judges.