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Luthfee transferred to Maafushi Jail

Nafaahath Ibrahim
23 July 2019, MVT 13:15
Luthfee moved to Maafushi Prison. PHOTO: SOCIAL MEDIA
Nafaahath Ibrahim
23 July 2019, MVT 13:15

Maldives Correctional Services revealed Tuesday that Abdulla Luthfee, the conspirator behind the coup d'├ętat of November 3, 1988, was moved to Maafushi Prison.

According to the media official for Corrections, Luthufee was moved from Male Jail after consultation with doctors post necessary assessments.

Local media Mihaaru reported that Luthefee is being detained in a high-security unit.

A photo has been circulating on social media depicting Luthfee handcuffed, clothed in jail attire.

In 2010, upon being allowed to go abroad for medical treatment Luthfee absconded and was reportedly living in Sri Lanka, in hiding, ever since.

Following the series of bomb blasts all over the country, Sri Lankan authorities heightened security measures, which resulted in Luthfee turning himself in.

Foreigners living in Sri Lanka were requested to register at the closest police station and illegal immigrants were deported, leaving Luthfee with no other choice but to seek protection at the embassy. He turned himself in on May 1, after 8 years of living illegally in the neighboring nation.

Had he not fled in 2010, he would have completed serving his initial sentence by 2014.