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Islamic ministry files police case against Al-Haramain hajj group

16 July 2019, MVT 12:18
16 July 2019, MVT 12:18

Ministry of Islamic Affairs, on Sunday, filed a police case against the Hajj group, Al-Haramain, over demanding higher payments from pilgrims than permitted.

The development came in the wake of a video circulating on social media, in which Al-Haramain clients expressed concern over having to pay MVR 100,000 to go on the Islamic pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah to Saudi Arabia.

The ministry stated that Al-Haramain's proposal declared that each pilgrim would have to pay MVR 69,965. However, the ministry received reports that the group had demanded MVR 100,000 from their clients.

Deputy Minister Shafiu Ali told local media Mihaaru that the video, which was shared by a client, prompted the ministry to involve the police.

Shafiu added that senior officials from the organisation were summoned to the ministry, but no further details were provided. He affirmed that proper steps will be taken concerning the matter.

Similar to previous incidents, there were several claims even year that Hajj and Umrah groups were demanding more money than they were permitted to take from pilgrims.

The deputy minister stated that only Al-Haramain was reported thus far.

The Islamic Ministry permitted five organisations to take pilgrims on Hajj and Umrah this year.

Hajj organisations and prices:

Acro Hajj and Umrah Group: MVR 59,965

Hajj Corporation: MVR 69,965

Mina Hajj Group: MVR 69,965

Al-Haramain Hajj Group: MVR 69,965

Zaee Hajj Group: MVR 70,000

Tazkiya Hajj Group: MVR 72,250