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Save the Beach holds educational sessions in Muhyiddin School

08 July 2019, MVT 12:59
Students of Muhyiddin School's environment club, Friends of Nature (FRONA). PHOTO: SAVE THE BEACH
08 July 2019, MVT 12:59

Local environmental NGO Save the Beach, on Monday, began sessions with the environment club, Friends of Nature (FRONA), of Muhyiddin School in suburb Villimale'.

The sessions will consist of educational activities for each school week, covering topics from waste management, marine and beach conversation, and climate change.

The programme, held in association with Parley, focuses on ways to manage waste within the school in order to dispose of it responsibly. Students will be encouraged to bring plastic waste from home to school for recycling.

According to STB, the main aim of the sessions is to help train FRONA members to maintain and monitor waste management, data collection, and recycling in the school by conducting events such as recycling competitions and environment day.

Save the Beach was initiated in 2008 as a youth movement to conserve beaches in Villimale’. They planted trees in and around the island and inspired numerous beach clean-up events across the country. Registered as an NGO in 2012, STB currently organises clean-ups and awareness campaigns, and teach waste management methods across the Maldives.