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JSC to investigate five more judges

Mariyam Malsa
02 July 2019, MVT 11:07
Director of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) Hassan Zaheen. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI/ MIHAARU
Mariyam Malsa
02 July 2019, MVT 11:07

Judicial Service Commission (JSC), on Monday, decided to launch investigations into five additional judges.

Speaking at a press conference, JSC Director Hassan Zaheen revealed that the judges under investigation are Drug Court Judge Adam Arif, Fuvahmulah Magistrate Hussain Rasheed, Gaafu Alif Kanduhulhudhoo Court Chief Magistrate Hassan Didi, Kaafu Atoll Thulusdhoo Magistrate Ainan Ali, and Raa Atoll Maakurathu Court Magistrate Adnan Hussain.

The JSC Director revealed that separate committees were formed to investigate the cases submitted regarding the judges.

According to Zaheen, the issue concerning Thulusdhoo Magistrate Ainan was noted during JSC's investigation into Kaafu Atoll Chief Magistrate Mohamed Raaghib. He stated that a five-member committee was formed to investigate the matter.

JSC also decided to officially counsel Chief Magistrate of Raa Atoll Innamaadhoo Court Ali Nasheed on a disciplinary issue concerning court finances.

According to Zaheen, providing counsel was the most lenient action JSC could take after an issue was proven.

Additionally, the JSC Director requested investigative authorities to inform JSC of any ongoing investigations concerning judges.

He disclosed JSC's plans to conduct a survey to assess the extent of sexual harassment within courts due to a recent increase in complaints.

Zaheen further revealed that JSC has decided to annul its previous announcement to hire a judge for the Criminal Court and Civil Court respectively.