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JSC suspends Kaafu Atoll's Chief Magistrate

Ahmed Aiham
01 July 2019, MVT 21:53
The five-member committee formulated by the Judicial Service Commission to investigate Chief Magistrate of Kaafu Atoll Mohamed Raqib. PHOTO: JUDICIAL SERVICE COMMISSION
Ahmed Aiham
01 July 2019, MVT 21:53

Judicial Service Commission (JSC), on Monday, suspended the Chief Magistrate of Kaafu Atoll, Mohamed Raqib, and decided to forward the case to the Maldives Police Service.

A five-member committee, comprised of JSC Vice President Masthoor Husnee, High Court Justice Abdul Rauf Ibrahim, Juvenile Court Judge Mohamed Easa Fulhu, Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath and Parliament Representative Hisaan Hussain, was formulated to investigate Raqib.

Prior to the suspension, the committee visited Thulusdhoo, Kaafu Atoll, on Saturday, for its investigation.

During the press conference held by JSC, the commission's Director Hassan Zaheen stated that he was suspended, upon advice by the committee, to curb any efforts that may result in the obstruction of the investigation.

Further, JSC Director revealed that testimonies from Raqib were previously acquired in relation to his case.

"We have decided to suspend him until the investigative process is complete", said Zaheen.

Moreover, Zaheen explained that JSC's decision to forward the case to the police was in relation to the criminal allegations against Raqib.

Additionally, JSC has suspended both Supreme Court Judge Abdulla Didi and Family Court Chief Justice Hassan Saeed over ongoing investigations.