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Bill proposed to increase Disability Allowance

Shahudha Mohamed
01 July 2019, MVT 12:40
Children with disabilities performing a dance. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI/ MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
01 July 2019, MVT 12:40

Former Minister of Defence and Dhangethi MP Mohamed Nazim on Monday submitted a bill to parliament proposing to increase the Disability Allowance to MVR 5000 - 7000.

The amendment submitted to The Disability Act asserts that disabled individuals require special care and protection from their families and the state.

Additionally, the bill notes that the financial allowances for the disabled must be increased for adequate care and aid to be provided to such individuals.

The bill proposes to create a registry of disabled individuals based on their level of disability, and called for the state to grant them an allowance between MVR 5000 - 7000 until they were removed from the registry.

Moreover, the amendment stated that those immobilised for a long period of time due to their disability must receive a minimum allowance of MVR 9000.

The bill stated that the government will decide the allowance based on the type of disability and the negative effects it posed on an individual's life.

Currently, the state grants a monthly allowance of MVR 2000 for disabled individuals under the Disability Act.

Clause 3 of Article 71 of the Parliamentary Regulations, however, declares that bills proposing the introduction or exemption of taxes, and bills proposing spending or halting expenditure from the state treasury, will be submitted by the government.

Despite this, the parliament chair held the first reading of the bill submitted by Nazim on Monday.