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Government to propose increasing Supreme Court bench to 7

Ahmed Aiham
25 June 2019, MVT 17:06
The Supreme Court currently has five members in its bench. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
25 June 2019, MVT 17:06

The current administration, on Tuesday, decided to submit a bill to Parliament, proposing to amend regulations to reestablish a seven-judge Supreme Court bench.

During a press conference, Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath stated that the proposed bill will be submitted "within the week".

If the amendments are made, it will mark the fourth instance in which the number of justices on the bench was altered.

In 2014, the Judicature Act was amended, reducing the number of appellate judges from seven to five.

Following the amendment, then Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz Abdul and Judge Ahmed Muthasim Adnan were removed from the bench.

The current bench is comprised of Chief Justice Ahmed Abdulla Didi, Judge Abdulla Areef, Judge Adam Mohamed, Judge Abdulla Didi and Judge Abdul Ghani Mohamed.