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President's Office opens for ACC member applications

Ahmed Aiham
24 June 2019, MVT 21:10
The Anti Corruption Commission. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
24 June 2019, MVT 21:10

The President's Office, on Monday, opened application submissions to join the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

According to the circular, the President's Office has allocated a deadline for applications.

The currently serving five members of the ACC were appointed in September 2014. Their five-year term will expire this September.

Eligible criteria include;

- Above the age of 25.

- Did not receive any corporal punishment within the past five years.

- Not a member of any political party.

- Not actively employed in a government office or in a leadership position.

However, potential candidates with previous criminal offences may apply to the position if five years have passed following the conclusion of a one-year or longer sentence.

ACC currently consists of President Hassan Luthufee, Vice President Muaviz Rasheed, and members Safwath Mohamed, Yazmeed Mohamed and Aminath Minna. For Muaviz and Luthufee, this is their second term on the commission.

Recently, Velidhoo MP Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg, submitted a motion to the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions to dismiss ACC's President Hassan Luthfee.

The motion was submitted on the basis of Luthfee collecting monthly salaries despite failing to carry out his official duties. Gan MP Mohamed Visham backed the motion.

Members of the corruption watchdog present at the meeting disclosed that Luthfee had remained out of contact for a two-month period in addition to missing ACC meetings.

ACC Vice President Muaviz stated that discussions concerning Luthfee's absence were previously conducted among members. However, he revealed that the commission did not possess the legal right to take action regarding the matter.

Maldives Police Service is currently investigating cases of money laundering against the ACC president.

The cases were filed by Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), the independent body of Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) tasked with analysing information concerning money laundering activities and suspicious activity from commercial banks.