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Fannugedharin Festival - Hulhangu 2019 cues opening

Ahmed Aiham
21 June 2019, MVT 08:59
Fannugedharin Festival of 2018. PHOTO: AHMED NISHAATH/ MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
21 June 2019, MVT 08:59

Popular talent showcasing platform 'Fannugedharin' will host its 'Fannugedharin Festival - Hulhangu 2019' on Saturday at Ruhgandu 2 in the reclaimed suburb of Hulhumale'.

The event will officially kick off at 14:00 hours, with a coastal cleanup by local twitter initiative ‘TwitSaafu’ and conclude at midnight.

According to the organizers, over 220 creatives including 80 musicians, 25 performance acts, 40 arts and crafts stalls, as well as 10 food and beverage stalls, will take part in the event.

Due to the number of participants, ‘Hulhangu 2019’ will become the largest event the organization has hosted since its inception.

Ushering in the concept of seasonal festivals, organizers hint at the biannual continuation of the festival series aptly named after the two Maldivian monsoons ‘Iruvai’ and ‘Hulhangu’.

According to Fannugedharin, the organization plans to host future workshops through its educational platform ‘Fannu Clinic’.

The sessions are conducted by established artists in the industry, allowing participants to gain valuable insight and technical assistance.

Apart from the larger biannual festival, Fannugedharin will host multiple smaller events throughout the year.

Last year, for its five year anniversary, the team behind the initiative expanded the event by including entrepreneurs in the field of crafts, food and beverage.

Lead organizer Adhuham Mohamed Rashid described 'FannugeDharin' as a platform by artists for artists, both upcoming and established, to "meet, share and inspire one another".

It aims to provide a space for young artists to grow with the help of more experienced creatives in the community.

The festival encourages reducing plastic usage by promoting reusable bottles and providing water refill stations at the event.

Advocating for a litter-free environment, organizers will establish garbage points and signposts throughout the event area,

Loosely translating to 'Children of Talent', Fannugedharin is also a wordplay on the term 'Talent Gathering