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Ex-Vp Adeeb travels to India for medical treatment

Nafaahath Ibrahim
14 June 2019, MVT 14:34
Ex-Vp Ahmed Adeeb and his wife Mariyam Nashwa travelled to India for his medical treatment. PHOTO: SOCIAL MEDIA
Nafaahath Ibrahim
14 June 2019, MVT 14:34

Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb on Friday travelled to India for medical treatment.

Adeeb was accompanied by his wife Mariyam Nashwa on this trip.

He was granted approval by Maldives Correctional Services after Medical Board's advice to do so.

The decision was followed with concerns as the former vice president was accused of several criminal offences.

Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday announced that officers from Corrections and Maldives Police Service will accompany Adeeb when he travels to India and that all security arrangements have been completed.

According to the home ministry, the authorities decided to send Adeeb abroad as there were no further treatments possible for the vice president's medical condition in Maldives. Stating that doctors had repeatedly advised to send Adeeb overseas, the ministry noted that the state had also attempted to provide treatment for Adeeb in Maldives by bringing in a glaucoma specialist.

Furthermore, the ministry assured that the government is taking all the steps to ensure Adeeb is brought to justice and allowing him to travel for medical purposes would not hinder those efforts.

The former vice president and tourism minister during former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom's presidency was recently annulled of his sentences and is currently acquitted of all charges against him, escaping a hefty 33-year jail sentence.

The Supreme Court overturned his 10-year sentence over charges of illegal weapons possession, while the High Court overturned Adeeb's 10-year and 8-year sentences over his involvement in the blast aboard the presidential speedboat in 2015, and corruption charges respectively.