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Criminal Court denies detention order for ex-VP Adeeb

Fathmath Shaahunaz
02 June 2019, MVT 17:07
Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb (L) escorted to the Criminal Court by an officer of Maldives Correctional Service.
Fathmath Shaahunaz
02 June 2019, MVT 17:07

Criminal Court on Sunday rejected the state's request to issue a detention order on former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb.

The High Court annulled Adeeb's 15-year sentence over his involvement in the explosion aboard the presidential speedboat in 2015 and ordered a retrial last week. The appellate court further ordered Adeeb to be detained for 15 days, during which the state may request the lower court to extend his detention.

Meanwhile, the Criminal Court also decided last week to reject several cases against Adeeb, including the speedboat blast charge. However, the court is yet to officially send back the cases to the Prosecutor General's Office.

PG Aishath Bisham requested the Criminal Court to issue a detention order on Sunday, noting that the appellate court had ordered a decision to be made.

She also acknowledged the cases sent back to the PG Office by the Criminal Court, and shared that the Office is currently working on the issue of Adeeb's detention and the verdicts released by the High Court.

The former vice president was recently acquitted of various charges for which he was serving a hefty 33-year jail sentence. The Supreme Court overturned his 10-year sentence over charges of illegal weapons possession last week, while the High Court overturned Adeeb's 10-year and 8-year sentences over his involvement in the speedboat blast and corruption charges respectively. The High Court ordered retrials for the latter two cases.