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Several drug hubs for abusers identified in Male: Police

Ahmed Aiham
21 May 2019, MVT 12:48
During the Maldives Police Service press conference held at Iskandhar Koshi. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED / MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
21 May 2019, MVT 12:48

Maldives Police Service on Monday, declared that certain houses in capital Male', were extensively supplying and sheltering illicit substance users.

During the press conference held at Iskandhar Koshi, Drug Enforcement Department (DED)'s Head and Superintendent of Police Ahmed Shakir revealed that four of such houses were identified.

Moreover, he stated that the houses provide every "service" necessary for drug use, such as dealing and providing a space to use the substance.

In order to curb potential Police raids, the entrances to the houses were barricaded with metal and wood. However, Police claimed that such blockades will be destroyed without hesitation during such raids.

Following the raids on Pelican and Memory Villa in Galolhu ward, EverestAage in Maafannu ward, Boakeyogasdhokuge in Machangolhi ward, multiple people were arrested on the premises.

According to Police statistics for the past four months, there are 51 cases of drug trafficking, 204 cases of drug peddling, 39 cases of illegal possession of alcohol and 309 cases of individuals caught under the influence.

Additionally, 111 drug traffickers were arrested, 204 peddlers arrested, 77 arrested over illegal possession of alcohol and 345 individuals were arrested under the influence.

So far, Police have confiscated 158 kg of heroin and 65 kg of cannabis during their operations in 2019.

Out of the investigated cases, 24 cases of trafficking, 201 cases of peddling, and 16 cases of alcohol possession were forwarded to the Prosecutor General's Office.

Furthermore, 22 houses were searched under court-ordered warrants and an upwards of 3,000 citizens were halted on the streets and questioned.