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Maldives to pay more for power with fuel surcharge

Mohamed Visham
28 September 2016, MVT 15:45
STELCO building in the capital Male. MIHAARU PHOTO
Mohamed Visham
28 September 2016, MVT 15:45

Maldives' state electric company has announced a decision to charge four laari from each unit of electricity from this month resulting in the hike of electricity rates in the archipelago.

The fuel surcharge applicable from September 19 was prompted by the rising diesel prices, according to State Electric Company (STELCO).

If the diesel rate per liter exceeds MVR8, the energy authority had sanctioned STELCO to levy three laari from every addition 10 laari.

STELCO's recent statistics show that it had purchased a diesel liter at MVR8.12 since September 19.

The government had reversed the tariff hike for households in January in the wake of a public outcry.