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Police investigate case of 9-year-old molested by brothers

Aminath Nishdha Jinan
19 May 2019, MVT 11:37
A little girl poses for photographs to illustrate the topic of child abuse in Canberra, Monday, October 28, 2013. PHOTO: LUKAS COCH/ AAP IMAGE
Aminath Nishdha Jinan
19 May 2019, MVT 11:37

Police began investigating allegations that a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old were sexually assaulting their 9-year-old sibling.

According to Police the complaint involving brothers, both minors, was made on May 10. No details were provided as the issue involves minors.

The family's origin-island and atoll are unknown, as the case involves minors.

Police did not reveal details regarding any arrests and the gender of the 9-year-old is also unknown.

To date, cases involving minors molesting another minor has never been reported and therefore is unchartered territory.

Recently, numerous cases involving minors have surfaced, including a 14-year-old giving birth at home and the death of the baby soon after.

An elder family member and a friend delivered the baby at home and police arrested her lover regarding the matter.

Whether the baby died during childbirth or was killed post-birth remains unclear.