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Palms planted in Addu for those uprooted from City Square

Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 May 2019, MVT 13:53
Palms were planted to replace those removed from City Square. PHOTO: CITY COUNCIL
Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 May 2019, MVT 13:53

Addu City council stated that new palms were planted on Thursday for those removed from the City Square in Hithadhoo.

According to the Council, for the 26 coconut palms uprooted, 52 new ones were planted near the Hithadhoo Maakilhi nature park.

The Islanders protested against the removal of the palms as part of the project to revamp the city square.

The Council assured that the necessary permits were taken from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

EPA had previously revealed that permission to clear several coconut palms from Addu City Square in Hithadhoo was issued on the condition that they are replanted elsewhere in Addu Atoll.

The area adjacent to the Hithadhoo Police Station was first developed as a city square in preparation for the SAARC summit in 2011. The square later fell into disrepair and the rusted flag post was removed after widespread concerns of possible collapse.

The city council stated that the square, once completed, is intended to be a suitable recreational area for people of all age groups.

Re-developing and inaugurating the Addu City Square was among the current administration's 100-day pledges.