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Fazeel arrested over kidnapping in Gan

Shahudha Mohamed
08 May 2019, MVT 13:00
Mohamed Fazeel who was arrested on Tuesday night in relation to the kidnapping in Gan, Laamu Atoll. PHOTO: MIHAARU FILES
Shahudha Mohamed
08 May 2019, MVT 13:00

Mohamed Fazeel was arrested on Monday night over the kidnapping and robbery of a man in Gan, Laamu Atoll.

Perpetrators kidnapped the 44-year-old male and robbed him of MVR 8,900 after threatening the victim. He was then released and terrorised with more threats and demands of additional cash.

According to Police, the kidnapped man was released upon agreement to pay more.

Police had already made two arrests in relation to this case when Fazeel was arrested in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale', hiding from authorities.

Following the arrest, Criminal Court, on Tuesday, remanded Fazeel for a period of 10 days. One out of the other two that were arrested was remanded for a 15-day period while the court ordered the third perpetrator to be held in custody until court proceedings conclude.

Prior to this Fazeel was accused of foul play by the public over the disappearance of a 19-year-old female.

Aishath Shima, who disappeared during a voyage from Kahdhoo to Maamendhoo in Laamu Atoll, was accompanied only by Fazeel during the trip.

According to Fazeel, the dingy they were traveling in capsized at the Gaadhoo channel and he exhausted all possible means to save Shima up until the last moment. Moreover, he claimed that he left Shima with a floating container and a mobile phone. Fazeel survived by swimming to the reef of Six Senses Laamu but Shima was never found.

Many doubt Fazeel's story regarding the disappearance of Shima, with police also stating that parts of Fazeel's statement was questionable. However, he was released after the investigation.

Following the incident, Fazeel was stopped at sea with two other men while transporting Shima's 16-year-old relative from Maamendhoo, Laamu Atoll. He was arrested, but set free.

Additionally, Fazeel has a history of many other criminal acts.