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94 percent achieved in 18th parliament: Speaker

Fathmath Shaahunaz
30 April 2019, MVT 12:33
Speaker of Parliament, Qasim Ibrahim, during a sitting. PHOTO/MAJILIS
Fathmath Shaahunaz
30 April 2019, MVT 12:33

The ongoing eighteenth parliament completed 94 percent of its overall work, announced Speaker of Parliament Qasim Ibrahim on Monday.

The eighteenth parliament, which was sworn in one May 28, 2014, held its final sitting on Monday. During the session, Qasim Ibrahim listed the parliament's accomplishments over the past five years:

- 177 bills

- Seven resolutions

- 154 submissions by the government

- 26 submissions by the speaker

- 19 submissions by the lawmakers

- Five budgets and supplementary budget

- 60 questions for ministers

- 150 reports

Qasim, who was elected as speaker on November 1, 2018, noted that despite achieving 94 percent, the parliament still had several pending bills lobbied by the government. However, as members did not request to extend the session, and extending the parliamentary term would necessitate an amendment to parliamentary regulations, he decided to proceed with closing the final sitting of the 18th parliament.

As per the regulations, the current members will enter a month-recess before the 18th parliament officially ends its term on May 28. The newly elected 87 lawmakers will take their oaths of office that day as the 19th parliament commences.

Parliament's Secretary General Fathimath Niusha recently stated that any bills that remain unresolved by the end of the ongoing parliamentary term would become void. Among the unresolved bills are the presidential commission's bill, whistleblower protection bill, education bill, children's rights protection bill, child justice bill and the bill regarding evidence.

The speaker thanked the current members of the parliament and administrative staff for their work over the past five years.