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Japanese navy ship 'JS Samidare' arrives in Maldives

Fathmath Shaahunaz
24 April 2019, MVT 14:28
The 'JS Samidare' of the Japanese Navy arrived in Maldives on April 24, 2019. PHOTO/THE EDITION
Fathmath Shaahunaz
24 April 2019, MVT 14:28

The Japanese navy ship, 'JS Samidare', arrived in Maldives at 0800 hours on Wednesday.

The navy destroyer, currently moored off the coast of capital Male', is stopping by in Maldives to refuel and restock, according to an official of the Embassy of Japan.

JS Samidare welcomed onboard officers of Maldives Police Service, Maldives National Defence Force and the Coast Guard, along with students from Hiriya School, for a special tour of the ship.

A naval helicopter aboard the JS Samidare of the Japanese Navy. PHOTO/THE EDITION

During the visit, a team from JS Samidare will visit Hiriya School to conduct a social programme, in which the officers will teach students rope knots, demonstrate the trumpet bugle call, and showcase the different uniforms donned by various ranking officers.

The naval officers will also call on Ambassador of Japan to Maldives Keiko Yanai, and Chief of Defence Force Major General Abdulla Shamaal on Thursday, before leaving Male' at 1600 hours.

Following the departure, the naval ship will conduct a joint exercise with the Maldivian Coastguard on communications and manoeuvres before departing from Maldives, added the embassy.

Aboard the JS Samidare of the Japanese Navy. PHOTO/THE EDITION

The navy ship is scheduled to make stops at several other ports on her journey back to Japan.

Commissioned in March 2000, JS Samidare is the sixth ship of the 'Murasame' class multipurpose destroyer. Measuring 151 metres in length with a speed capacity of 30 knots, it is the second ship named 'Samidare' since the formation of the Imperial Japanese Navy.