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Cabinet meeting held to discuss Sri Lanka situation

Nafaahath Ibrahim
24 April 2019, MVT 12:48
From the cabinet meeting held on March 19. PHOTO: PRESIDENTS OFFICE
Nafaahath Ibrahim
24 April 2019, MVT 12:48

A cabinet meeting was held on Tuesday to discuss the critical situation in Sri Lanka following recent terrorist attacks.

During the meeting, all cabinet members were briefed on the current situation.

All members expressed a unanimous sense of sorrow and deliberated that security measures must be taken in Maldives due to it.

Taking part in the official day of mourning for Sri Lanka and to express solidarity with the people, Maldivian flag at the embassy in Sri Lanka was flying half-mast.

The bombings have claimed 350 lives so far and the number keeps increasing.

It has been confirmed that no Maldivian was injured in the bombings.