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Govt hosts workshop on 6th National Report of Maldives to UN convention

Ahmed Aiham
09 April 2019, MVT 22:18
Participants of the stakeholder consultation workshop on the Sixth National Report of Maldives to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity
Ahmed Aiham
09 April 2019, MVT 22:18

Ministry of Environment, on Monday, hosted a stakeholder consultation workshop at Champa Central Hotel, concerning the sixth National Report of Maldives to the United Nations Convention, on Biological Diversity.

Focusing on the National Biodiversity Action Plan, the report contains objectives for the sustainable management of biological diversity, as well as critical information supporting implementation strategies.

It also includes details on the technical and scientific challenges that may arise during the execution phase.

The workshop was held amongst more than 30 participants from both the private and public sector, including from the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Maldives National University as well as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) like Island Development and Environmental Assessment Society (IDEAS).

Ministry of Environment tweets regarding the stakeholder consultation workshop. PHOTO: TWITTER

According to a spokesperson from the environment ministry, a first draft of the report is already compiled. The source further revealed that the ministry is preparing to publish the report by April.

Maldives became a party to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity in 1992 and as such, the report is prepared under a national obligation to the Convention.