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New govt authorises 10 resorts, 40 guesthouses

Fathmath Shaahunaz
09 April 2019, MVT 14:22
Tourism Minister Ali Waheed (R) speaks at press conference. FILE PHOTO/MIHAARU
Fathmath Shaahunaz
09 April 2019, MVT 14:22

Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed revealed on Tuesday that the ministry has authorised 10 new resorts and 40 guesthouses since the current administration came to power on November 17, 2018.

In a press conference, Minister Waheed shared that total 141 resorts are now in operation across Maldives. The total number of beds in resorts is 31,072 with the addition of 1,400 beds in the new government.

"As for guesthouses, [the ministry has] authorised 40 guesthouses, bringing up their number to 545 across Maldives", he said.

The total number of beds in guesthouses currently amount to 8,944 with 666 more beds added, according to Waheed.

In addition to resorts and guesthouses, 11 hotels, 12 dive centres, and 22 travel agencies have also been authorised under the new administration. There are currently 335 travel agencies in operation.

Waheed declared that, with the progress being brought about to tourism, the sector can reach the targets set by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The tourism ministry is also inspecting all tourism-related facilities in the country. Minister Waheed stated that the inspections will be completed by September 7.