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Civil Court orders confiscation of vessel that illegally fished in Maldivian seas

Civil court orders the impoundment of the Sri Lankan vessel that illegally fished inside the borders of Maldives' maritime area on Monday with a fine of MVR 700,000 mandated over the vessel owner.

Aishath Shuba Solih
17 April 2024, MVT 10:57
Headquarters of Maldives Civil Court, Justice Building 1st Floor.
Aishath Shuba Solih
17 April 2024, MVT 10:57

Civil Court has ordered the Sri Lankan fishing vessel that operated inside the Maldives' maritime borders without a permit to be seized last Monday.

After apprehending the Sri Lankan vessel "Sudhisa Putha 2" during attempts to unlawfully fish inside the country's waters in April 2018, the State had lodged an appeal to the Civil Court, requesting a fine of MVR 700,000 (USD 45,315) to be mandated over the boat owner in addition to confiscating the vessel.

The Court ruled in favor of the State with a mandate over the owner to conclude payments of the fine within two weeks from the date of the ruling (April 14) in accordance with the State's decision.

The ruling made in absentia had further decreed to confiscate all goods and equipment inside the vessel as well.

In addition to fining vessels that fish within Maldives' territorial borders, the State also holds the power to seize the seacraft as stipulated in the Fisheries Act.