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Deliberations ongoing with UNDP to import quality medicine in bulk quantities

Health Minister has declared that deliberations with the UNDP are underway in order to import high quality medicine in bulk quantities, which allows alleviated costs, assuring that the president regards the accessibility of quality medicine as a high priority.

Aishath Shuba Solih
21 February 2024, MVT 12:07
Minister of Health, Dr. Abdulla Khaleel
Aishath Shuba Solih
21 February 2024, MVT 12:07

Minister of Health, Dr. Abdulla Khaleel stated today that importing good-quality, European standard medicine into the country in bulk quantities will reduce costs and that deliberations have ensued with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to commence this.

In the meeting held to converse with the people of Gaaf Dhaalu Madaveli, the Minister assured that the president is making efforts to improve the healthcare system and that the state gives special priority to facilitate access of quality medicine for the citizens under this development.

The Minister stated that there is a notable difference in the medicine manufactured by large pharmaceutical companies around the world and therefore, asserted the importance of accessing good quality medicine.

He stated that the importation of quality medicine is not limited to the USA and stated that if the medicine quality is above standard, import from neighboring countries will also proceed.

“The European standard we talk about. This is not because they are manufactured in UK. These are medicine of the highest standard and best quality. Even if a neighboring country manufactures them or if a distant country does, the people will assuredly gain access to them.”

He further highlighted that the president has facilitated the means to import high quality medicine into the country.

The state is presently making efforts to import bulk medicine quantities into the country and deliberations are ongoing with the UNDP to achieve this. The Minister noted that with this arrangement, more cost-effective medicine import procedures will be established.

“Undoubtedly, quality medicine is presently imported in a costly manner. But the assurance of enabling less expensive importation of quality medicine once done in bulk has been given.”

However, in an interview given to Mihaaru News, the Minister had previously stated that there are obstructions to importing quality medicine due to the policy determined by the concerned ministry and that alterations will be brought to these policies and announced very soon. He added that one method in reviewing the medicine policies is to facilitate arrangements for importing medicine permitted by the government of the manufacturer’s country. Dr. Khaleel had further highlighted at the time that difficulties faced by Maldivian companies in applying for the permit is listing the content of the medicine, which is information veiled by large companies.

The medicine imported into the country must be from the MFDA Approved Drug List and should retain the same packaging. The list authorizes the importation of over 1,600 medicines into the country.

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