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Miuvaan warns of legal action over false accusations against President Solih in Nasheed's terrorist attack

Lamya Abdulla
27 May 2023, MVT 19:53
(FILE) President's Office's Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed on November 17, 2022: Miuwan said if accusations against President Solih being behind the attack on Nasheed are made outside of the parliament, they will take the necessary action on the matter -- Photo: President's Office
Lamya Abdulla
27 May 2023, MVT 19:53

President's Office's Spokesperson Miuvaan Mohamed said on Thursday said that the accusations made against President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih regarding his alleged involvement in the terror attack against Speaker Mohamed Nasheed are attempts to regain lost political popularity and that if these baseless allegations continue to be spread with the intention of dividing the nation, the government will take legal action.

Miuvaan said that the individuals making accusations against President Solih are exploiting their legal privileges, which protect them from being prosecuted for statements made in certain spaces. He said that these accusations are made by the people and directed his statements towards parliamentarians who are aware of this legal protection.

During Wednesday's parliament session, Nasheed's supporters accused that President Solih was the one responsible the assassination attempt against Nasheed in May 2021.

Miuvaan stated that competitors are making baseless and false accusations against President Solih. He further said that these accusations are being made by parliamentarians who are taking advantage of the privileges and immunity they enjoy when speaking within the parliament.

He said there was no truth in any of the allegations made by the MPs against President Solih.

"The statements suggesting the president's knowledge or involvement in the attack on Speaker Nasheed are entirely false," Miuvaan said.

Miuvaan added that if any such statements are made against President Solih outside of the parliament, authorities will be notified to take the necessary legal action against those responsible.

According to Miuvaan, the remarks made by some individuals were an attempt to downplay the gravity of the May 6 blast at Majeedhee Magu. He said that these statements were made by people who believed that they can regain the political support that they have lost.

Miuvaan expressed skepticism about the credibility of the allegations and questioned why they had not been made anywhere where they would need to be proven.

A number of people involved in the assassination attempt on Nasheed have been arrested, charged, and are currently being prosecuted. However, Nasheed's lawyers have expressed concerns over the delays in concluding these cases.

MP Rasheed: President Solih behind Nasheed's assassination attempt

During Wednesday's parliamentary session, Central Maafannu MP Ibrahim Rasheed, a longtime supporter of Nasheed, made an accusation that President Solih was the behind the attack on Nasheed.

This marked the first instance where accusations specifically targeting President Solih were made among the various allegations put forth by Nasheed's supporters regarding the attack.

While speaking on a motion about fishing at the parliament, MP Rasheed said he is now sure it was President Solih that was behind the attack on Nasheed.

The accusation faced immediate criticism, and as the Speaker did not intervene to halt the accusations, the parliament session was disrupted due to the ensuing controversy.

However, Villifushi MP Hassan Afeef, who was acting as the Speaker, said that according to parliament regulations, anyone who gets the opportunity to speak should be allowed to do so while maintaining decorum.

The session had to be halted due to the continued disruptions.