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Academic year starts from August henceforth: Education Ministry

08 March 2021, MVT 08:50
From the virtual press conference held by the Education ministry. PHOTO: PRESIDENTS OFFICE
08 March 2021, MVT 08:50

Ministry of Education on Sunday revealed that the new academic year will begin in August instead of January, henceforth.

The announcement was made during a virtual press conference held at President's Office.

Speaking to the press, senior officials from the ministry stated that these changes now made permanent were initially brought following the global pandemic COVID-19.

With the community spread, lockdowns were implemented and along with it, schools were also closed. Due to the enormous setbacks, the academic calendar in 2020 was adapted to cater for the losses.

This year's academic year is slated to begin on August, 10 and the usual year-end holidays will now fall into late June or July.

Minister of Education Dr Aishath Ali added that another two or three weeks or holiday during the mid-term break, which falls in December.