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Dengue fever on the rise in Addu City, hospital urges caution

Anaan Bushry
26 March 2023, MVT 15:27
Anaan Bushry
26 March 2023, MVT 15:27

The Addu Equatorial Hospital has urged the public to be vigilant about the spread of dengue fever.

The hospital's Senior Customer Relations Officer, Shafy Mohammed, told Miharu news on Sunday that the number of dengue cases reported in Addu has significantly increased this month.

So far this month, 33 people have been afflicted with dengue, mostly in Hithadhoo, which has the largest population in Addu.

Number of dengue cases reported in Addu this month:

- Hithadhoo 27

- Maradhoo 4

- Maradu Feydhoo 1

- Hulhumedhoo 1

The hospital has recommended that people wear clothes that cover their bodies as much as possible to protect themselves from dengue and wear insect repellents to protect themselves from mosquitoes in their homes and yards.

Recommended treatment for dengue

- Rest

- Keep hydrated (with liquids such as coconut water, ORS liquid and soups)

- Use paracetamol for cough, body aches and joint pain

- Seek medical advice if you have a fever for more than three days or cannot take fluids.

The HPA has said there is no significant increase in dengue in Malé city.

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