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Boat and speedboat caught on fire in Fehendhoo lagoon

Malika Shahid
12 May 2022, MVT 14:29
Baa Atoll Fehendhoo fire incident
Malika Shahid
12 May 2022, MVT 14:29

A boat and a speedboat docked in the lagoon of Baa Fehendhoo caught on fire on early Thursday morning.

President of Fehendhoo Council Ali Shaufan said that the first fire broke out around 12:30 am near the engine room of the 70-80 feet vessel. The scene was first witnessed by a female member of the council who was home at the time.

This was immediately communicated to the other members of the Council. However, it took approximately 20 minutes for the 24 feet fiber speedboat nearby to burn due to strong winds, Shaufan said.

"Another boat in the area was rescued before it caught on fire. However, both vessels were completely burned," Shaufan said.

The vessel was leased by a guesthouse business in Fehendhoo five months ago, and had since been docked in the lagoon without being used.

The speedboat "Eva Express", docked next to the boat was used for rented trips.

While the cause of the fire breakout is still unknown, a group of people from the island allege that it was an intentional act. The suspicion is aimed at the owner of the boat who arrived in Fehendhoo yesterday.

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