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Adheeb capable of framing Nazim, Maldives home minister admits

Mohamed Visham
16 June 2016, MVT 11:11
Former defence minister Mohamed Nazim smiles as he is led inside the Supreme Court for the hearing on June 15, 2016. MIHAARU PHOTO/NISHAN ALI
Mohamed Visham
16 June 2016, MVT 11:11

In a stunning revelation, Home minister Umar Naseer on Wednesday admitted that jailed former vice president Ahmed Adheeb Abdul Ghafoor was more than capable of framing former defence minister Mohamed Nazim.

Nazim who is serving 11 years in prison for weapons possession has maintained that the hand gun was planted in his residence, though the High Court had also backed the lower court verdict.

His lawyer, Husnu Suood during the preliminary hearing of Nazim's final appeal, told the Supreme Court on Wednesday that a police officer named Asif had planted the weapon inside his room during the raid.

In response to the claim, home minister told Mihaaru that he refused to believe that the entire police service would be involved to frame the then defence minister.

However, he was quick to admit that individual police officers could have been bought off.

"That is because even the president had admitted that individual police officers had been on Adheeb's payroll. But the entire police service operates with professionalism," Umar said.

Umar also revealed that Adheeb had threatened Nazim during a conference call after a police investigation report revealed Adheeb's connection to various crimes in the Maldives.

"So if you look at everything that has happened so far, I would not totally rule out that Nazim was framed. The fact of the matter is, the then CP [Commissioner of Police] Hussain Waheed was Adheeb's right and left hand. So I don't believe anything could have happened without the then CP's knowledge," Umar alleged.

During the hearing on Wednesday, the defence lawyer insisted that the hand gun was planted by the officer named Asif during the raid and there were eyewitnesses to prove it.

He also alleged that the whole thing was planned by Adheeb and the ex-CP Waheed and had urged the court to summon them both.

Suood who had served as the Attorney General also urged the court to summon the then Chief Criminal Judge Abdulla Mohamed to prove that the police had produced falsified information for the search warrant on Nazim's residence.