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Putin rejects Macron call for Ukraine ceasefire during Olympics

18 May 2024, MVT 18:08
Russian President Vladimir Putin -- Photo: Dmitry Astakhov / Sputnik / AFP
18 May 2024, MVT 18:08

Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested on Friday that Moscow would not comply with calls for a ceasefire in Ukraine during the Summer Olympics, pointing to what he said was the unfair treatment of Russian athletes.

Asked during a visit to China whether he backed French President Emmanuel Macron's idea for a global "Olympic truce" during the games in Paris this summer, Putin said: "I think these Olympic principles, including the 'Olympic truce' are very right."

But he added: "Today's international sporting officials are themselves disobeying the principles of the Olympic charter."

He accused sports bodies of "not allowing our athletes to perform at the games with our banner, flag and our national music, our anthem".

"They are committing violations against us and demand fulfilment from us. Dear friends: we won't get far that way. No one has ever come to an agreement that way," he said.

French President Emmanuel Macron restated on Friday his idea of "an Olympic truce so that Russia ceases its current operations" in Ukraine.

Russia plans to hold a rival sporting event in September after being barred from competing as a nation in the Olympics -- along with ally Belarus -- due to its invasion of Ukraine.

Macron thanked Chinese President Xi Jinping last week for backing the idea of a truce in all conflicts, including Ukraine, during the Paris Olympics.

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