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Present administration’s housing project to commence after July

Affirming that the biggest difficulty faced by Maldivians is the scarce housing opportunities, President Muizzu assured to resolve this by launching the administration's housing project country-wide in the last half of this year.

Aishath Shuba Solih
29 February 2024, MVT 18:11
President Dr Mohamed Muizzu speaking at the ceremony held in N. Kendhikulhudhoo -- Photo: President's Office
Aishath Shuba Solih
29 February 2024, MVT 18:11

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that the present administration’s housing projects will be commenced after the month of July.

The President's biggest pledge during these five years is to ensure housing for all citizens in the country.

Speaking at a ceremony held during the last stop of his trip across the northern atolls in the country in Noonu Atoll Kendhikulhudhoo, the President highlighted that one of the most important contributors to the development of the entire country is housing.

Hiya flats built in Hulhumale, Phase 2

During the ceremony held at Noonu Atoll Manadhoo last night, he had remarked that most of the country’s social issues are rooted and connected with housing difficulties, tethering this as his reason for asserting the highest priority towards resolving it.

President Muizzu further stated today that many economic procedures are being implemented in order to facilitate various eases to housing.

“With God’s will, the results of this will be observed throughout the year; it will facilitate opportunities. This island will also be presented with opportunities such as housing units and various relief loans,” said the President.

“I am fairly certain that amidst the last half of this year, ahead of July and August, we will have reached the point of facilitating these opportunities country-wide.”

The assurance the president gave is the establishment of housing units in islands suffering housing difficulties and the facilitation of loans for the construction of personal land plots under these projects.

During the ceremony at Noonu atoll Kendhikulhudhoo held to facilitate the president's address of the residential community -- Photo: President's Office

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has pledged to launch a project of 70,000 housing units country-wide and is conducting deliberations with China and other foreign states in order to secure investors for the project. This project includes the 40,000-housing units planned to be constructed across the northern and southern Maldives while the remaining 30,000 flats are determined to be built in RasMale'.

In the northern regions, housing flats are determined to be built in Haa Alif Atoll, Haa Dhaalu Atoll and Shaviyani Atoll while the northern Maldives will see housing units established within Gaaf Alif Atoll, Gaaf Dhaalu Atoll, Fuvahmulah City and Addu Atoll.

The government is pursuing the construction of 15-20 storey housing units, towers with accommodative spaces for businesses as well as three and four storey housing units. These housing units will accommodate studio apartments and two-bedroom apartments, as well as three-room apartments.

As previously stated by the government, these projects can be run through the contractor-financing model as well as concessional financing schemes.