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Russia emerges as Maldives' top source market once again

Mohamed Rehan
24 July 2023, MVT 11:59
Tourist arrivals exceeded one million earlier in July; the Maldives government projects an annual target of 1.8 million tourist arrivals in 2023--
Mohamed Rehan
24 July 2023, MVT 11:59

After a close competition between Russia and India, Russia has once again secured the top spot as the leading tourist market for the Maldives.

According to statistics published by the Ministry of Tourism as of July 19, the total tourist arrivals from Russia reached 119,405, while the total arrivals from India amounted to 118,638.

The United Kingdom holds the position as the third strongest tourist market for the Maldives with 85,884 arrivals, while China is currently ranked fourth with 80,769 arrivals. Germany, which secured the fifth rank in 2022, continues to maintain its position with 70,065 arrivals so far this year.

As of July 19, the Maldives has received a total of 1,016,719 tourists, marking a substantial increase of 13.4 percent compared to the corresponding period in 2022 when tourist arrivals amounted to 896,625.

In annual terms, the average daily arrival of tourists in the Maldives stands at 5,084, while guests stay for approximately 7.7 days during their visits to the country.

Australia has surpassed South Korea to become the 10th strongest source market for the Maldives in 2023, contributing to 18,636 arrivals.

The Maldives experienced a notable increase in tourist arrivals following the resumption of the Chinese tourist market earlier in 2023. With China resuming outbound travels, the momentum of tourist arrivals saw a positive surge. Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, had projected a 10 percent increase in annual tourist arrivals once China resumed outbound travel.

Maldives reached one million arrivals in July and aims to achieve 1.8 million for the year.

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