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"the Circle" to build an AI savvy generation

29 May 2023, MVT 11:52
A class conducted by The Cirlce by Ugail Foundation in Hulhumalé -- Photo: Ugail Foundation
29 May 2023, MVT 11:52

Yousuf Yanal Mausoom, who is only 11 years old, proudly says that he has learned to create a basic AI model. “It is not really that difficult,” according to Yanal who is currently enrolled in the Advanced AI Coding Program organized by the Circle.

Under the Ugail Foundation, the Circle conducts programs like Coding and Critical Thinking, Advanced Coding, and Advanced Coding AI. These programs aim to develop a generation capable of adapting to and thriving in a rapidly advancing technological environment across the world.

Yanal, is one of the students of these programs. He initially delved into the world of coding and technology in 2021 when he enrolled in the Coding and Critical Thinking Program. This experience motivated him to continue exploring the field and he decided to pursue additional courses to build upon the foundation established by the initial program, as it had captured his interest and curiosity.

Yanal who is currently enrolled in the Advanced Coding AI program conducted by the Circle

Yanal said, “The lessons are very interesting and simplified. Opportunity is given to ask questions. Our questions get answered. I learned to develop a website from the first program. I was only nine years old then. They taught us in a way that was not complicated. Things were explained in an age-friendly manner,” Yanal said.

The programs offered by the Circle have provided a golden opportunity for Yanal, who has dreamt of becoming a computer scientist since a young age.

Yanal, who is currently enrolled in the Advanced Coding AI program, aspires to design and launch his own AI app in the future.

“The possibilities of technology are numerous. I want to design something like ChatGPT. I want to create an app that can provide weather information. I have learned a lot of things needed to achieve this goal through the current program,” said Yanal

Yanal believes technology's influence will increase in the future and programs like those offered by the Circle will help the Maldives seize opportunities presented by technological advancements.

Programs conducted by the Circle are designed to provide an orientation to technology at a very young age, and to develop skills and enhance thinking in young minds. In addition to Coding programs, the Circle also conduct programs such as leadership building, writing and speaking.

This is a promotional article of the Circle.

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