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COVID-19: Death toll in Maldives raises to 90

Nafaahath Ibrahim
14 May 2021, MVT 11:20
national ambulance drill / covid-19
Nafaahath Ibrahim
14 May 2021, MVT 11:20

Health Protection Agency (HPA) on Friday announced three COVID-19 related fatalities in Maldives.

As per the agency, the first victim was an 86-year-old Maldivian male. He was admitted to the Hulhumale Medical Facility where he passed away at 0224hrs early morning.

The person who passed away was also a Maldivian male admitted at the Hulhumale Medical Facility. The 64-year-old was declared dead at 0630 hrs.

The third fatality so far today was announced by HPA at 0950 hrs. The agency's statement revealed that the victim was an 86-year-old Maldivian woman who was admitted to the DH11 facility. She passed away at 0905hrs.

With these developments, the total number of fatalities in relation to the virus has increased to 90 in Maldives.

Currently, the nation is experiencing its worst waves of COVID. HPA has strengthened the restrictive measures. This includes increasing curfew hours and extending the curfew duration as well.

With the increase in COVID positives in Maldives, the death toll has also increased. So far in May, 19 fatalities were recorded in relation to COVID.

Maldives recorded its first COVID related death on April 29, 2020.