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JP will progress with leadership involvement: Nihan

Shahudha Mohamed
02 October 2019, MVT 20:11
Shahudha Mohamed
02 October 2019, MVT 20:11

Former Leader of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)'s Parliamentary Group Leader Ahmed Nihan, who recently joined Jumhooree Party (JP), announced on Tuesday night that JP will progress with the input of those who served the party in high positions for a long time.

In Jumhooree Party's attempt to increase its member count, various PPM activists and former parliament members are joining JP. Former MP and Maldives Thirdway Democratics (MTD)'s former Vice President Abdulla Yamin Rasheed, Broadcasting Commission's former Vice President Ismail Sofwan and others signed to be JP members on Tuesday night.

Most of JP's leaders do not participate in the ceremonies held to commemorate the joining of new party members. JP's President and Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed, the party's Vice Presidents Abdulla Ameen and Dr Hussain Rasheed Hassan, filling the posts of Minister of Health and Minister of Environment respectively, were absent in JP's recent rallies.

Moreover, JP's Advisor and Managing Director of Maldives Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC)Adam Azim, activist and Thimarafushi MP Abdulla Riyaz and Parliamentary Group's Leader Mohamed Nazim also failed to attend these ceremonies.

Speaking at the most recent rally in attendance of Jumhooree Party's Leader and Maamigili MP Qasim Ibrahim, Nihan noted that he joined JP with a lot of respect for all the individuals who served the party, adding that JP will secure the next election with those in JP's leadership.

Nihan, who sat in parliament for two terms, stressed on the importance of the involvement of long-serving members in the political scene. Noting that former MP's were important, Nihan stated that their experience and expertise was extremely useful at this point in time.

Since they do not sit in parliament anymore, Nihan noted that these MPs will have free time on their hands to increase their productivity.

Nihan also assured that more former MPs will join Jumhooree Party in the upcoming days.

Referring to the 2018 Presidential Election, Nihan stated that there was no reason for Jumhooree Party to not be elected, assuring that the party will attempt to secure the 2023 elections.

Yamin, who joined JP after being an activist in Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), PPM and MTD, said he signed to be a JP member because the party is currently a rising force in the political scene.

Yamin also added that he has considered Qasim as a role-model since his political career began, and spoke very highly of the JP Leader.