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Ministry urges to comply to seaworthiness regulation

Lamya Abdulla
20 October 2021, MVT 15:16
(FILE( A speedboat travelling in rough seas on October 16: Transport Ministry announced regulations will have to be implemented by January 16, 2022 — Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
20 October 2021, MVT 15:16

Transport Ministry said on Tuesday that they would start cancelling operating certificate provided to marine vessels if they do not comply with safety regulations such as keeping life jackets and life buoy.

They said this change will go into effect in January.

The recent bad weather Maldives experienced lead to several marine accidents, one which resulted in the death of a woman and her child to go missing. The announcement ministry made stated marine vessels will have to implement several rules outlined in the safety regulations before January 16, 2022.

According to the ministry, each vessel have to ensure they have enough life jackets, life buoys, communication and tracking devices before the aforementioned date. Captain, crew, and marine technicians will be required to get the necessary licenses by the Transport Authority as well.

Search and Rescue National Committee had submitted a list of recommendations they believe the current regulations should be improved, especially how sea travellers should act when there are special weather alerts issued by Meteorological Service of Maldives. Two years have passed since then, with no changes being made by Transport Authority.

One of the recommendations included making all vessels ensure their passengers wear life jackets if they cross areas where the Yellow Alert have been issued.

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