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"Jummah Special" gifts from STO People's Choice

Mohamed Rehan
18 August 2022, MVT 09:58
During the "Jumma Special" promotion customers stand to win special prizes for making purchases on Friday mornings--
Mohamed Rehan
18 August 2022, MVT 09:58

State Trading Organization (STO) kicks off special promotion at its STO People's Choice retail outlet.

Through the "Jummah Special" promotion, customers making purchases on Friday stand to receive special gifts.

The promotion launched on Friday, August 12. Customers purchasing goods between 08:30 am and 10:30 am on Friday mornings will receive "Jummah Special" gifts.

"Friday is considered as the 'family day', our gifts mainly include items specific to Friday lunch," said Abdulla Mohamed, Manager, Public Relations.

Customers who shopped on the promotion's launching day had received Choice brand's basmati rice as gifts.

Moreover, STO confirms the Jummah Special gifts will constantly change for each Friday for the duration of the promotion.

STO People's Choice went through a major renovation and rebranding, after which it reopened on March 15, 2022 under hyper-market approach.

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