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Target of 8,000 tourist beds for northern Maldives: President

Malika Shahid
28 September 2022, MVT 13:48
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at the opening ceremony of the new power plant in Haa Alifu atoll Utheemu -- Photo: President's Office
Malika Shahid
28 September 2022, MVT 13:48

President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih said the aim is to develop 8,000 tourist beds in Bodu-thiladhunmathi, the northern 3 atolls, and that investors will no longer hesitate to expand tourism in the region with the ongoing massive project of Hanimaadhoo airport and RTL ferry service connecting 40 islands.

At the ceremony held to inaugurate the new power housein Haa Alifu atoll Utheemu, President Solih said that Bodu-thiladhunmathi is going under a transformative change with the establishment of the ferry system which will boost the economy in the region.

The President said the development of the Hanimaadhoo Airport, the largest project outside the capital Male', has started and this will further boost tourism in the region.

Islanders participating in the opening ceremony of the Utheemu power house

“Our goal is to develop a plan to establish at least 8,000 beds here within the next four to five years,” he said.

President Solih reiterated that Bodu-thiladhunmathi region will soon see major developments.

The President said that with the new power house, the state ensures a more sustainable electricity service and assured further development for the people of Utheemu.

He said the island of Utheemu is a place of pride for all the people of Maldives and there will be many people who will want to see the "Utheemu Ganduvaru" (Boduthakurufaanu Palace). The setback for Historians and researchers who want to view the island is the difficulty of transportation

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company's (MTCC) RTL ferry service has provided affordable transportation services to the people, the president said.

He said that with the connectivity of 40 islands in Bodu-thiladhunmathi, has reduced transportation expenditure many times over, and the completion of the upcoming developmental projects in Utheemu would strengthen the economy of the island.

"The water and electricity service has been provided in addition to the health center of the island currently being upgraded. I would like to tell the people of this island that plans are underway to develop the Boduthakurufaanu Palace (Utheemu Ganduvaru) and memorial center to cater to visitors,” he said.

He said the government would also build a new mosque in Utheemu.

President Solih and First Lady Fazna Ahmed arriving in Utheemu. -- Photo: President's Office

"Water, sewerage, housing and electricity are basic services that the people should have and it is written in the constitution that the government should provide them to the extent of its carrying capacity, the state has been fulfilling this," he said.

He said he would not discriminate against any island in fulfilling his promises and ensuring equal rights.

The President said Fenaka Corporation Limited, a state owned utility provider, is working hard to relocate power plants in islands away from inhabited areas. The President thanked Fenaka for replacing the Utheemu power house and providing convenience to the people.

He said the work of the new power plant in Utheemu was started and completed despite the difficulties of Covid-19. He said the global lockdown had postponed some activities but the projects related to basic services were not halted because companies like Fenaka, State Trading Organization (STO) and MTCC strived t complete and deliver them as soon as possible.