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Nilandhoo announces distribution of 129 land plots

Nilandhoo has stated that the window to apply for land allocation from the island’s state-owned properties has been extended until May 30th. The announcement details that 129 land plots of 2000 and 2,800 square feet have been arranged to be dispersed.

Aishath Shuba Solih
14 April 2024, MVT 12:27
Faafu atoll Nilandhoo.
Aishath Shuba Solih
14 April 2024, MVT 12:27

Faafu atoll Nilandhoo has announced the distribution of 129 land plots from the island last night.

The announcement made by the island revealed that they had passed a motion to distribute state-owned properties for civilian housing opportunities and further remarked that the announcement was published once again with some improvements added to the Policy of Land Allocation gazetted on March 30.

“Therefore, the opportunity to apply for state-owned land for residential housing in Faafu atoll Nilandhoo has been opened in adherence to the decision of the Council,.” read the announcement.

The announcement highlighted that inhabitants presently living in the island will be prioritized when allocating points.

A total of 129 land plots are being dispersed from Nilandhoo while sizes of these lands vary with 96 land plots of 2000 square feet and 33 land plots of 2,800 square feet designated as land plots for distribution.

Faafu atoll Nilandhoo.

As disclosed in the announcement, land plots are being dispersed from the land reclaimed from west of the island which offers 96 land plots, the region directly ahead of Niladhoo’s ‘Veli’ house which presents 5 land plots, the area in front of Nilandhoo’s ‘Huvandhu’ house providing 4 land plots and the coastal region of Nilandhoo’s ‘Himithi’ house which offers 24 land plots.

As stated within the requirements for individuals seeking these land plots, the applicant must not have any government land or region nor a personal land plot or region registered or allocated under their name.

Moreover, the requirements further mandate that applicants must not have a personally owned or state-owned land larger than 600 square feet registered or allocated under their name while conditioning that if a land smaller than 600 square feet has been registered or allocated, they must agree to relinquish the land under the Land Distribution Policy. Additionally, the individual seeking land must also renounce any land passed down from their heritage under the Land Distribution Policy as well.

The applicants must also relinquish or sell any flats, rowhouse, shared flat or building over 600 square feet allocated to them from a government-run housing projects or land acquired from any island in the country.

The announcement additionally explained that individuals applying for land must have the capacity to accumulate over 60 points from the predetermined point allocation criteria.

Further revealing that the forms requesting these land plots can be submitted through the ‘Hiyavahi’ portal currently used by the Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development, the announcement stated that the Nilandhoo Island Council has arranged procedures to accept forms from 9:00 hrs in the morning to 13:00 hrs in the afternoon every working day for individuals seeking to submit their applications directly to the institution.

The window for applicants seeking land plots from Nilandhoo begins today and has been extended until the 30th of May.

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