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Will reclaim land and solve housing issues in Faresmathoda: President

Mariyath Mohamed
20 February 2024, MVT 16:55
President arrives in Faresmathoda and is greeted by residents.-- Photo: President's Office
Mariyath Mohamed
20 February 2024, MVT 16:55

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has said today that his administration will reclaim land in Faresmathoda and through that provide a solution to the housing issues faced by the people of the island.

In his trip to four southern atolls, the President visited Faresmathoda this morning. During his visit, he met with the island council and the Women's Development Committee and listened to their concerns.

He further attended a public gathering with the residents of Faresmathoda, held at the island's school, and while speaking there, pledged to find solutions for the issues faced by residents.

Speaking in Faresmathoda, where Vice President Mohamed Hussain Latheef hails from, President Dr Muizzu assured residents that he had conferred with the island's council and has gained an understanding of the concerns of the general populace.

Like most other islands, the people of Faresmathoda, too, raised concerns about housing difficulties, and the President stated that he would initiate a land reclamation, and a subsequent housing, project.

Stating that these can be used for housing and economic purposes, the President reiterated his presidential pledge that by the end of his term, there will be no Maldivians faced with housing difficulties.

The President claimed that his administration will be undertaking these projects through taking necessary loans.

President Dr Muizzu further noted that as Faresmathoda is known for its fishing industry, projects to expand the island's harbour and other fishing related projects have been included in this year's budget. He said that the island will soon receive a team of visitors from the Ministry to conduct research and undertake the designing work of the project.

Additionally, a modern, high capacity mosque, as well as road development, expansion of the school, seeking qualified doctors, building a football pitch are all included amongst the plans that the President has put in motion for the island.

President Dr Muizzu said that these projects are being undertaken in response to the concerns voiced by the council.