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Young surfer Yaseen flying high with the waves

Rabeeha Amir
26 January 2023, MVT 13:34
Yasin Ahmed Nashid after winning u16 Junior Championship -- Photo: MSA
Rabeeha Amir
26 January 2023, MVT 13:34

For most athletes, finding the time to participate in multiple sports is a challenge. Yasin Ahmed Nashid, a 12-year-old with a penchant for both football and surfing, is skilled in both sports.

Most sportspersons get into a particular sport inspired by a family member or friend playing that sport. But this wasn’t the case for Yasin who did not have any influence in the sports he chose except for his young, determined will. Fathmath Nazeeha, Yasin’s mother related how he used to observe surfers at "Raalhugandu"; the surf spot in Malé and one day took the jump in and went on to receive awards in both sports.

Yasin skating at the Hulhumalé skate park

Yasin was always active and interested in sports. When they noticed how quickly he picked up skating, his parents believed it would be a good idea to hire a coach for him. Shaziya Saeed, one of the best female surfers, served as his first mentor and suggested Agsar Abdul Matheen (Horcee), a surf coach, to train him. At the age of 10, Yaseen easily transitioned from a boogie board to a shortboard with the help of his coach.

Yasin Ahmed Nashid (Bottom 2nd from right) with Valencia at U12 Youth Championship 2022 -- Photo: FAM

With his passion for both football and surfing, Yasin’s parents are ready to support him if his choice was to do both. He demonstrated his football prowess in the Under 12 division of the Milo Academy Championship, when he was a key contributor to Club Valencia winning the title.

Yasin has learned how to function well on a timetable that prioritises his schoolwork and athletic training equally. If, on a day that he is obliged to pick one sport over another, he aspires to choose surfing. He participated in the Mula Bodyboarding Challenge in 2021 which was his first tournament in surfing. In the Maldives Surfing Association (MSA)'s Rannamaari shortboarding challenge he held up a good fight although getting defeated at quarter finals.

Yasin Ahmed Nashid lifting 2022 U16 Champion Trophy

At the Junior Championship, he competed in four leagues, winning the Under 16 Division and placing third in the Under 14 Division. The Under 16 division victory for the youngest Sea Sports ambassador was a prized turning point. Yasin also won a spot in the MSA's Rannamaari Challenge's wild card draw.

Yasin strives to attempt the difficult surf maneuver known as a barrel ride in future. The young footballer and surfer is motivated by world champions Jamie O'Brien of Hawaii and Gabriel Medina of Brazil, and with additional practice, he hopes to nail a barrel ride of his height.

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