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Parliamentary committee launches inquiry into illegal rebroadcasting by resorts

09 September 2021, MVT 17:23
(FILE) Maldives Broadcasting Commission members meeting: according to BroadCom 31 resorts that have been re-broadcasting illegally -- Photo: BroadCom
09 September 2021, MVT 17:23

The Maldivian Parliament has started to look into the matter of resorts rebroadcasting television channels without authorisation.

President of Broadcasting Commission (BroadCom) Mariyam Waheedha said in the parliamentary Committee on Independent Bodies on Tuesday that several resorts rebroadcast television channels without taking the appropriate authorisations. She said they have met the tourism ministry on multiple occasions to discuss this matter.

In the meeting, she said that resorts have been broadcasting foreign channels without the required authorisation as well, violating copyright clauses.

Vice President of BroadCom Ahmed Gais said 13 resorts had taken the required licenses to broadcast television channels. He said 103 resorts have been using rebroadcasters while BroadCom have worked with tourism ministry to solve the issue of 31 resorts that have been broadcasting illegally.

He said the law required such cases have to be solved with a period of 60 days.

"There is a case that is 876 days old. We [BroadCom] do not consider these to be minor cases," he said.

He noted that these were in violation of international copyrights in addition to the Broadcasting Act.

BroadCom had requested that a member of the commission be allowed to go with the tourism ministry when they conduct resort inspections. Tourism Ministry had said this request cannot be accommodated.